Make Better Sleep a Reality

Oklahoma Sleep Institute is here with a multi-disciplinary sleep medicine team dedicated to helping Oklahomans achieve better sleep. Locally owned, state-of-the-art sleep centers, and specialty sleep clinics are conveniently located and staffed by sleep professionals dedicated to improving your well-being.

Do You Experience…

  • Loud or Excessive Snoring
  • Heavy Breathing During Sleep
  • High Blood Pressure or Low Sex Drive
  • Loss of Focus or Attention
  • Trouble Falling or Staying Asleep
  • Headaches or Depression
  • Chronic Leg Pain or Constant Fatigue

Are You an Existing CPAP User…

  • Having Trouble Adjusting to Your CPAP Machine
  • Not receiving 7-8 Hours of Quality Sleep
  • Giving Up on Using Your CPAP Machine
  • Your CPAP Machine is Broken
  • Tired of Constantly Cleaning Your CPAP Machine
  • Not Receiving Good Service for Your Re-supply Products
  • Need a New Sleep Study to Ensure Your Needs are Being Met

Our providers will help you understand why you are exhausted or not sleeping.  We also provide improved service for your CPAP re-supply product needs.

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